Michael & Grant dive into the bittersweet life that is adulthood.  Whether its the desire to drop everything and meander through life from crash pad to hostel, or shirking the tasks that someone else has put in front of you for the projects you really crave, the guys are “wishful […]

Episode 35 – Adulthood

Hi Everyone, I’m going to keep this brief, which apparently is preferable for most anyways.  For one I’m tired, for two I’m sick, and for three half of you don’t even make it to the end of these anyways. Last week saw one of the most shocking upsets of the […]

Pickem on the Rocks – Week 11

Michael & Grant have a new whiskey for the second time.  Thanks to Grant’s difficulties with his own tolerance for alcohol last week, it seemed logical to give last week’s whiskey a second chance.  But don’t worry the sports and soap box style rants that come after the repetitive tasting […]

Episode 34 – Deja Vu

  Hey Pickem Pals, welcome to week 10. You know its fall in Oklahoma when you have tornado warnings at the end of the work day, but when you get up the next morning you’re greeted with a brisk fall 40 degrees.  Much like the Longhorns: one day you go […]

Pickem On The Rocks – Week 10

Grant & Michael greet the opening days of November with a random show where they talk more about baseball and Star Wars than football.  It might be the end of days, and Grant’s hangover most certainly has him wishing those final days would hurry up with it.  Grant’s wonderful evening […]

Episode 33 – Royals and Jar Jar Sith…

Pickem Week 9   Hello Pickem Pals, and welcome to week 9.  Did you miss me?  I missed you regardless, so let’s waste not and want not, onto the recap.   As far as the ten Pickem games from last week, there was little in the way of crazy surprises.  […]

Pickem On the Rocks – Week 9

Ever had one of those weeks where you could use an extra 12 hours each day? Well, for me, this past week has been one of those. I apologize for being horribly underprepared for this week’s podcast, but thankfully my guest, Shawn MacKinnon, aka reddit user u/stmack is able to keep the show […]

Fantasy On The Rocks S01.08 – F*** Chandler Catanzaro

On this show before Halloween, Michael & Grant discuss all things that go bump in the night and peruse the stuff of which nightmares are made.  The question remains whether or not they managed to reach the other side.  You’ll learn about warning signs your pet snake is about to eat […]

Episode 32 – Spiders, Pythons, and Monkeys… Oh My

This episode is brought to you a day late thanks to having a real-life job that has kept me busy this week. This is why you guys need to tell all of your friends about us so we can quit our day jobs and get you your podcasts on time. […]

Fantasy On The Rocks s.01.07 – Late Arrival

Week 7: Welcome to week 7 Pickem Pals.  As always, we will begin with a recap of last Saturday’s games, but before that, we have to pay our tributes to the legendary “Ole Ball Coach” Steve Spurrier.  So as a long time SEC fan and rival against Spurrier for many […]

Pickem On The Rocks – Week 7