Who We Are

Much could be said about the man, the myth, the legend that is Brad.  Many would say he is a man endowed with both brains and means.  One thing we know for sure is that Brad knows a good time.

Brad’s background is pure Oklahoma, born and raised in the tempo of Tulsa Time, he proliferates the message that few things are as important as a good grill, a well cleaned gun, and the good sense to know when to fire which.  As a Booming Sooner supporter, football courses through Brad’s veins with the full amplitude of the Pride of Oklahoma. But for Brad, the discussion of sports doesn’t stop at the Red River.  He’s always open to a good conversation, particularly when it’s been oak aged for 12 years.


Subtlety is often said to be an art form within the social fabrics of our lives, and if that is the case, then Michael is quite possibly the least artful individual behind a mic.  His bawdy, decibel assailing voice is never more animated than when underscored by the technology of amplification.  And while volume control has never been his strong suit, there’s very few conversational topics that will keep him silent.

Growing up in Georgia, and then aging within the windy backdrop of the Chicago skyline, Michael brings an eclectic interest in everything from social media to string theory.  On top of that, he’s actually a doctor – just not the rich kind.  So how did he develop such a refined pallet for the finer whiskeys of the world, good old-fashioned, American opportunistic wisdom.

The newest member of the WW team is “a man who needs no introduction,” which makes writing this bit hard.  What exactly do you say about someone whose reputation proceeds them?  Well first off, you say their name; Grant.  His Vidal Sassoon locks are only rough when compared to the dulcet tones he coos through the mic on each show.  Aside from his wealth of sports knowledge and willingness to put up with the shenanigans that accompany a WW episode, Grant’s deep growl of a “man voice” makes even Michael weak in the knees.

Most would say that Grant is always ready for a great time, and funny enough, he tends to always be in the mix when that good time comes around.  However, Grant’s want for debate elevates any conversation above its seedy roots.  A skill necessary on a show that claims to draw insights from a cask.