What We Do



Whiskey Wisdom is a podcast hosted by three friends who generally hash out their future plans on cocktail napkins rather than stationary.  In true fashion to the nature of the show, Brad and Michael decided on a whim that the pontificating so common to their liquor enhanced conversations would be both entertaining to others and worthy of enshrinement upon the interwebs.  A few months later, Grant would add his own verbal tangents fueled by the nectar of the gods.  So here it is, a show started much like any conversation that begins with the question, “what’ll ya have”, a meandering through interests ranging from college football to weight loss recommendations for pooches.  Our discussions are just like yours, except recorded and made available to the masses.

Michael, Brad, and guest Wes doin' the deal - April, 2015

Michael, Brad, and guest Wes doin’ the deal – April, 2015