Pickem On The Rocks


Every fall the boys of WW gear up for the collegiate gridiron, and in particular, Michael hosts a college fantasy-ish game called College Pick’em.  You can find it by creating a profile at ESPN.com and setting up your own entry form for the Pick’em game.  Under the option to join groups, be sure to search for Whiskey Wisdom, and you’ll be able to join all the WW listening community (at least all cool enough to join in with us) to see who actually has the best bead on what’s going on in the NCAA.  You will also find an explanation of the rules and all that goes into it.

Also, be sure to follow Michael’s blog posts each week, when he will do his best to become an amateur sports analyst to help you navigate the pick’em pool.  In actuality, its really just his way of getting a few laughs and applying way too much alliteration.