Fantasy On The Rocks



When it comes to football, the guys of WW are nuts about the game.  But maybe the nuttiest in the bunch is Grant.  He has decided that in addition to all the other coverage WW is providing to you all for football info, he wants to add a second podcast show to help you all out with your fantasy leagues.  Starting with the 2015 season, Grant will be recording a brief overview of news, conjecture, and whispers through the grapevine every Tuesday or maybe Wednesday evening.  The show will post on Thursday mornings so that you can get your lineup set before the TNF game and also so you’ve got just a little extra Whiskey Wisdom to get you across that finish line that is 5:00 PM Friday.  You can always find Grant and ask him questions on Twitter @WhoYouCallinPal or email him at


We will be adding a new feed for FOTR in the future, but for now, make sure you’ve subscribed to our podcast and you’ll be good to go.