As Michael’s son often says when he sees the iOS circle on the screen “low-ding.” That’s pretty much the status with the boys of WW this week. The next episode will come to you next week, but because we’re lining up a special guest to record later this week we’re […]


It’s been a minutes since Grant & Michael defiled the podcasting universe with their special brand of humor, but fret not, they’re back.  Grant poses the age old question as to why someone would ever attend a 2 year old’s birthday party, and Michael outlines the secrets to successfully setting […]

Episode 43 – Outlet Safety Devices…

Grant & Michael start out with a discussion of books.   Bet you didn’t expect that to be the opening sentence here, but its true. They do manage to touch on Super Bowl “L” (i.e., 50), but not for too long. If you want to see a sweet video shared […]

Episode 42 – Don’t Move the Oracle…

Grant & Michael were a little late this week, and while they apologize, the delay was for a good reason.  After the defeat of the great Tom Brady by none other than the Brain himself, Peyton Manning, Grant needed some recovery time to get past the retching sensations he endured Sunday […]

Episode 41 – A New England Dirge…

Grant & Michael start as is typical, with a brief discussion of the sporting news, but soon after these two wannabe gear heads do their worst impression of Car Talk.  We wouldn’t call this conversation high octane, but it’s a least more believable than the Fast & Furious. Catch our […]

Episode 40 – Drinking about driving

Grant & Michael kick off 2016 with a fantastic scotch, mediocre football, and an assurance that winning the lottery would ruin them too.   Catch our tweets: @WhiskeyWiseWOTR Enjoy our bucolic website: Like us on Facebook Find Stefanie’s blog here and follow her on twitter If you haven’t already been to check out Rabble then you should, […]

Episode 39 – New Year, Old Habits

This is the final episode of Whiskey Wisdom for 2015, and Grant & Michael feel its time for a little reflection upon the year and a peek into the future about ideas and plans to make this show even better. Here’s all the various ways to catch us: Catch our […]

Episode 38 – Auld Lang Syne

Michael & Grant are joined by none other than Tim McCurdy, an avid fan of this show and an unabashedly geeked out fanboy of Star Wars.  Like all of our shows, we handle a little bit of sports business on the front end, but its not long before we jump […]

Episode 37 – The Force is Whiskey…

Grant & Michael are back after an extended break, and while their sports knowledge and analysis might be less than stellar, the ridiculousness that is Whiskey Wisdom is on point for this episode.  Sit down, strap in, and brace yourselves for an expose into the depths of the twisted mind […]

Episode 36 – The Yanni of Christmas…

Just like NFL players, it’s not uncommon to miss a couple of weeks during the season, even though my absence the last two weeks was due to work and not an injury. To make up for the last two weeks, we bring back Dylan Lerch, aka reddit’s u/quickonthedrawl to talk […]

Fantasy On The Rocks Week 11 – We’re baa-aaack